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The 10 best singing lessons for kids in NYC

Mic check! The best singing lessons for kids in NYC are great ways for kids to learn a new skill and belt one out.

By Danielle Valente

Lights on! Curtains up! The best singing lessons for kids in NYC will put your youngster on the fast track to success, so get ready to watch a star in the making. 

Whether your budding vocalist wants to rock out, learn the classics or keep up with contemporary tunes, there's a class for that. We rounded up the best offerings across the five boroughs that roots all students in the fundamentals to help them truly grasp everything they need to know about music. 

But if the kiddos feel as though they want to expand their horizons, don't worry. In addition to the best singing lessons for kids, we found cool acting classes for kids, dance classes for kids and music classes for kids

Once the littles become aquainted with the arts, let them watch the pros. Book tickets to the best Broadway shows for kids!

Singing lessons for kids

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1. Voice Academy NYC

Swedish transplant Katarina Nolfe made her way from across the pond and founded a NYC school devoted to voice training and music. She lets littles explore their love for vocals with a variety of offerings, including one-on-one lessons (for either 30 minutes or 1 hour) and Singing 101 (for ages 6–12), which is a group drop-in session that introduces students to the fundamentals such as pitch control and rhythm. Learn more here

2. School of Rock

Ready to rock? School of Rock on Staten Island is here to help make your child the start of the show. Voice lessons will familiarize singers in the making with all aspects of music, from breathing techniques and warm-up drills to writing songs and harmonizing tunes. Sounds like your kids are on their way to superstardom! Learn more here

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3. Brooklyn Music School

Things to do Classes and workshops Fort Greene

Give your little performers a new stage at this artsy venue. Options are aplenty for those looking to perfect their vocal chops. The choir allows those ages 5–12 to tackle classical and popular tunes while sharpening their skills. Summer Vocal Arts (ages 6–16) will give students an experience like no other, ultimately helping them sing and dance in an ensemble. Before your littles go out for group performing, let them take private lessons in a variety of genres, including musical theater, jazz and R&B. Learn more here

4. Dimensions on Stage

Little ones can explore their love for the arts with Dimensions on Stage, which provides a ton of unique offerings for creative types. Little ones ages 5–7 can learn the tunes of popular princesses with Junior Musical: Disney Favorites; kiddos 4–6 can prep for a musical and teens can perfect their acting and signing. The sky's the limit and the stage is waiting! Learn more here

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5. Queens Music Academy

Things to do Classes and workshops Woodside

Using the Suzuki and Shirley Givens methods as its guide, the Queens Music Academy exposes young instrumentalists and vocalists to everything they need to know to wow their audiences. Private voice lessons and in-home lessons are available for singers who need to hone their skills. Four students are needed in order to have group lessons, and interested participants for various instruments can email regarding availability. If your kiddo is looking to make some noise, there are rock band sessions, too! Enjoy your kids' musical transformation and watch them shine during seasonal concerts. Learn more here.  

6. Bronx Arts Ensemble

In addition to wonderful performances, the Bronx Arts Ensemble offers the opportunity for young students to learn more about their craft, whether that's strings, woodwinds or vocals. The chorus is an option for those who want to test the range of their pipes. If you have a talented musician on your hands—and either attend school in the Bronx or reside in the borough—try your hand at the Young Artist Competition for a chance to win $500 and perform with the ensemble. Learn more here


7. 92nd Street Y Classes

Things to do Upper East Side

The 92nd Street Y holds classes for every discipline under the sun, and the offerings at its top-notch facilities are always family favorites. Dive into the arts with dance and music classes. Voice programs include the Musical Theater Vocal Workshop, Sing!, which allows toddlers to learn popular nursery rhymes and Little Voice that allows those ages 5–7 to learn the basic skills. There's genuinely so much on offer, why not explore a few offerings? Learn more here

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8. Willan Academy of Music

All ages and skill levels are welcome to explore their vocal range at Willan Academy of Music. Take advantage of one-on-one lessons taught by the pros (which are available at home for those in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens or in the studio). Once kiddos have mastered the basics, let them audition for the choral class. Learn more here. 

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9. Sage Music

Rather than simply learn any song, Sage's voice lessons guide your kids to mastering all the skills they need when any sheet of music crosses their paths. The customized offerings addresses little singers' needs and put them on the path to conquering their musical goals, no matter the style. Learn more here

10. Third Street Music School Settlement

Things to do Classes and workshops East Village

All genres are on the table at Third Street Music School Settlement. Let your kids explore hits of years' past with classical pieces, or stay up-to-date with contemporary songs. Explore the choirs and classes and see what challege your little vocalist wants to pursue. Learn more here

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