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A sign of strange parenting

A mother in Memphis, Tennessee has apparently taken it upon herself to test the boundaries of discipline. Last Sunday, many local drivers encountered a curious sight when they passed by a 13-year old girl holding a sign that read: "I don't obey my parents, I'm a liar. I steal from my mom. I have a bad attitude. I am going to the 8th grade and I don't know how to multiply." What Tashara Wilkins did exactly to warrant the punishment from her mother Cherie is unclear, but according to WMC-TV in Memphis, it was her "bad attitude" that brought her to this position of public humiliation. "I hope this works for her. I love my child. I want her to be a productive citizen. Most parents may think this is cruel. I don't, I could be beating her to death, but I'm not," Cherie Wilkins told WMC-TV. Perhaps to avoid further disciplinary actions, Tashara spoke of the effectiveness of her mother's unusual parenting strategy. "It might even work. I'm gonna start because I don't wanna be standing out here with everybody looking at me like I'm crazy with this sign," she said. Sure, living with teenagers can be challenging, but it's not hard for us to guess where Tashara Wilkins has inherited her alleged bad attitude.

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