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A website that helps you organize your parenting obligations

We did a huge August feature on getting your child organized, but what about you? You're just as overscheduled as your kid: You've got to whip up three dozen cookies for Tuesday's bakesale, prepare a snack for Friday's soccer game, volunteer in the school library next week, etc. Making your life even more complicated: you have to coordinate a lot of these activities with other parents...as if any of you have the time. Well, a new website aims to make your life a little easier. Volunteerspot.com simplifies your schedule with its virtual planner-meets-calendar. You can create events and invite others to join, or you can log on and see what activities could use your help. The goal is to make things like clipboard sign-ups and annoying three-word email chains obsolete. Plus you receive reminder emails when your commitment approaches. So NYC parents: Would you try a tool like this? Or are you still married to your Dayrunner? (Hey, our web editor still uses a Palm Pilot!)

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