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About to pop? Free bottles for a year!

If you're an expecting mommy who's about to give birth any moment, you may want to hold off until Sunday (because it's totally under your control, right?). Parents of those babes born on Father's Day can enter to win free bottles for an entire year from BornFree Natural Baby Products. I'm usually skeptical of contests like these because, really, what are the odds of being that one person who wins? But BornFree is sending supplies to 1,000 winners, so your chances might be better than most. (According to the Morehouse School of Medicine, an average of 11,120 babies are born in the U.S. each day.) Plus, the bottles are free of Bisphenol-A. (BPA is a chemical found in plastic bottles made of polycarbonate, a substance the World Wildlife Fund says should be avoided.)  You've got a month to enter after the kiddo is born, you know, with all the spare time you'll have then. And no, cheating's not allowed--a copy of your child's birth certificate is required.


Bottle Giveaway


A standard two-pack of BornFree bottles retails for $20. For more information and to enter, visit newbornfree.com/pics/bornfree/fathersday.htm.

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