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An Apple a Day...

At TONY Kids, sweets seem to wind up in our office on an almost daily basis. Having tasted just about every cupcake in the city, not to mention offerings from ice cream parlors in all five boroughs, we've become finicky connoisseurs of sugary delights. Last week the good folks at Max Brenner sent us over a slew of holiday candy, and while we ate it all (I mean, we're not THAT picky), we were genuinely impressed by one item. The candied apples cubes in white chocolate and cinnamon didn't last more than a few minutes in the hands of our small staff. They may not look as appealing as the decorative morsels in Brenner's boxes, but they pack a serious (and quite unique) dosage of sweet apple flavor. The bite-sized candies genuinely taste like candy apples, but they're about 10 times easier to eat (and much less likely to rot your teeth). We think your kids will like them too.

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