Timeout New York Kids

Make the most of your city

And you thought New York was overpopulated...

Think you could fit 17 tots, tykes and teens into your cramped apartment space? How about paying for 17 kids' private preschool tuition? Yeah, we think the proposition sounds pretty impossible too, which is why we're glad that the Duggar family, who just welcomed their 17th biological child into their brood yesterday , lives in rural Arkansas and not in space-challenged New York City. The ever-growing family has their own web page on the Discovery Health site and the network plans to air yet another documentary on the clan in the coming month. But the fame doesn't come without a price--mom Michelle (the only family member who's name doesn't start with a "J"), has been pregnant for approximately 10.5 years of her life and the family has gone through an estimated 90,000 diapers. We urge you to try and not think about going through childbirth 17 times. Seriously.
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