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At what age can kids ride the subway alone?

When Lenore Skenazy let her nine-year-old son, Izzy, ride the subway by himself, she thought she was giving him independence. When she wrote about the incident in her column in the New York Sun, however, she sparked a citywide debate that landed her an appearance on the Today show last week. In response to those who thought she was being irresponsible, she said, "“It’s safe to go on the subway. It’s safe to be a kid. It’s safe to ride your bike on the streets. We’re like brainwashed because of all the stories we hear that it isn’t safe. But those are the exceptions. That’s why they make it to the news. This is like, ‘Boy boils egg.’ He did something that any nine-year-old could do.” If you missed the show, check out the clip below.



Then weigh in: At what age did you/will you let your kids ride the subway without you? Was Lenore out of line?

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