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Babble picks the 50 funniest kid videos ever

picture-2 We have to give it to the folks over at Babble: Their list of the 50 Funniest Kid Videos Ever has been on our to-do list, well, for a while now. We're just thrilled someone did it, because it promises hours (or at least minutes) of cute kiddie fun. Most of the clips are beyond hysterical (our faves include #6: the Evil Eye , and #48: How to throw a tantrum , yes, we watched them all--and got paid for it!). But, despite the title of the roundup, these vids aren't just funny, they're truly moving. Case in point: #10: A preschooler's rendition of "Hey Jude" which, despite its lack of humor, illustrates the best part of these babes: their huge, open hearts. Enjoy!
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