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Baby-faced British boy becomes a dad at age 13

snn1305aa-380_732314a That's right folks, he's only 13 and he's already fathered a child. According to The Sun, Alfie Patten was 12 when he had unprotected intercourse with 15-year-old Chantelle Steadman, which led to the pregnancy. Steadman opted to keep the kid and voila, instant underage family. The video of the new parents fielding questions will make your jaw drop and your head shake. When asked how he will provide financially for his baby daughter, he replies, "What's 'financially'?" Clearly the grandparents are going to be the ones raising this kid, as these two are not ready to be parents themselves. Patten claims that he didn't know about the repercussions of having sex, but don't worry--his parents have promised to give him "the birds and the bees talk." Better late than never? Not in this case.
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