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Battling the bully

null Despite school rules and parental efforts, school bullying appears to be as pervasive a phenomenon as education itself. Where there's an elementary or middle school, there will also be a preteen aggressor terrorizing a mortified classmate. Now, some schools are trying out new tactics to curb the bullying epidemic once and for all. The Bully Busters Boot Camp in Yorktown and the more widely used Olweus Bullying Prevention Program teach kids proactive ways to stand up to bullies and keep from becoming ones themselves. The Olweus approach teaches tactics for individual intervention, stresses communication between parents, students and the administration and helps formulate school-wide rules. Lower Hudson Online reported today that the Bully Busters Boot Camp featured street-smart tactics from a former NYPD detective, but the article didn't delve into the particular techniques further. Helping kids eliminate their fears and develop a healthy sense of self-confidence is always commendable. It's unlikely that future generations will stop turning out bullies altogether, but we are certainly interested in seeing the long-term accomplishments of these programs.
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