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Bloomberg is officially back in charge of NYC public schools

No matter how you feel about Bloomberg and the DOE, I suspect it will come as (an admittedly small) relief that Bloomberg is once again in charge of New York City public schools. After weeks of uncertainty, and the sudden reconstitution of the Board of Ed, a deal was just reached that extends the mayor's control over public education. Perhaps "relief" is not the word I'm looking for. It's just nice to know that someone's in charge...even if that person seems to value test scores over actual kids. My daughter will enter the public school system next year in East Harlem, so I have to be honest, aside from what I've read and heard about Bloomberg's tenure from my fellow parents, I don't have firsthand knowledge of how great/god-awful the schools are, and I'm sure it differs from district to district, school to school. So parents with public school kids, what do you think? Is this the outcome you were praying for? Did you hope that this would shake things up and pave the way for change? Or was Bloomberg's success so inevitable that you're just shrugging right now?

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