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Bristol Palin's ex dishes on his teenage sex life

Last week, Levi Johnston--Bristol Palin's former fianc/father of her 3-month-old baby--sat down with Tyra Banks (because you know, that's the talk show you go on when you want to be taken seriously!) to chat about his antagonistic relationship with her family, being a teenage daddy and the inevitable custody battle ahead. It's this snippet, though, that's garnering all the attention: Coaxed by Tyra, Johnston admits that he was having unprotected sex with Bristol, at least part of the time, and claims that Sarah Palin, ever the abstinence advocate, knew about their premarital relations. Of course, the Palins are livid that Johnston would spread such "rumors" and now he's receiving a lot of backlash for his statements. Um, obviously they were having unprotected sex! Hence the pregnancy. I'm not even surprised about the fact that Mama Palin knew about their sex life. Too bad she didn't leave condoms under Bristol's pillow. I hope the full interview, which airs today at 5pm on MY9, is a little juicer than the hype.

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