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Bronx Children's Zoo opens

The Bronx Zoo's  "Children's Zoo" opened for the season on Saturday, which means one thing: It is finally spring! You'll have to pay a $3 fee (in addition to regular admission) to spend time in this glorious petting zoo/learning center. Once inside, children can sit in a bird's nest, climb into a turtle shell and a whole lot more. But the best part is the hands-on interaction with animals: Tots can feed handfuls of grain to gentle goats, sheep and llamas. Sticky? Yes. Worth it? Of course.

Bronx Children's Zoo

And while you're at the zoo, you'll want to check out the cutest (or, okay, possibly freakiest) little monkey I've ever seen. Born in January, the baby Bolivian titi monkey—whose gender is still not known—can be found hanging out on his/her mom Rachel's back while she swings through the trees.

Have you been to the Bronx Zoo's Children's Zoo in past years? What did your kids think? Are you as ready as I am for warm-weather activities?

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