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Camp Rock premieres tonight!

Guess what? We found you a babysitter for tonight. No, We’re not coming over to entertain the kiddies (though we’d love to help out, really). We’re just reminding you to turn on the Disney Channel at 8pm, because...Camp Rock is premiering! (Cue the high-pitched screams.)

The made-for-TV movie stars the Jonas Brothers, who I'm sure you know all about if you read Time Out Kids or have a daughter between the ages of 5 and 14. In the unlikely event your little chick hasn't mentioned the Bros, please clue her in before she becomes a social pariah.

Last week we attended the NYC premiere of Camp Rock at the Ziegfeld Theater, followed by a party at Remi across the street. The kids in the audience went crazy for the movie and its stars. We suffered minor hearing loss thanks to a five-year-old with the lungs of a pearl diver who screamed through the film--all 99 minutes--in the seat next to us.

At the after-party, girls gabbed on their bejeweled cell phones, calling friends to brag about having met Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas (they hadn’t) and boasting that they would have Joe call their friend later (oh, the fine line between imagination and…a total lie). But one thing was true: They loved the movie, possibly as much as High School Musical I and II.

On the other hand, we....well, we won't give you our take on it quite yet. Watch it this weekend, and let us know what you think by commenting below.

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