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Candy Land gets a makeover

candy Attention classic board game aficionados (and yes, we know you love playing them as much—if not more so—than your brood!): Candy Land is being revamped in honor of its upcoming 60th birthday. (Suddenly you feel young, huh?) A sweetly simple game along the lines of Chutes and Ladders, it's hard not to get addicted to its colorful charms as players race to get to King Candy's castle. The updated version, dubbed Candy Land Sweet Celebration , ups the ante: The first one at the royal door wins a party (strictly imaginary of course. Good luck explaining that to Junior). Plus, players will be able to build a freestanding board with interlocking pieces, so the path can be varying lengths. The makers are also throwing in two new destinations--Captain Kidd Cone's Ship, the SS Neapolitan, and the Chunky Chocolate Mountains) and 3D "Sweet Spots"—to heighten the vicarious sugar rush. We have to say, in an era of healthy eating, it takes chutzpah to keep Candy Land, well, filled with candy. We're so glad it didn't become Fiberland!
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