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Care Bears on Fire

I took Hugo, my 2.5 -year-old, to a rockin' Care Bears on Fire set at the BAMkids Fest on Saturday.  Now I know why they sold out and warranted another show: This trio of kids really rocks, and both parents and kids were bopping around the BAM cafe.  It was well worth the Odyssey-like journey involved in getting the kids out on the stormy Saturday.  Although the set was short (to accommodate the short attention spans), the crowd was totally engaged. Hugo, a big fan of the electric guitar, was mesmerized the entire time, or at least between lunges for the popcorn bag his friend JoJo kindly shared. This rock/punk hybrid made up of three Brooklyn tweens provided the parents in the room a truly great listening experience. Unlike most adults playing for kids, these were big kids playing music for themselves and their peers, but they also appealed to both the adults in the room who still like to rock out, and the kids in the room who could feel the energy.  I was totally impressed by the original songs, and even the tots in the room left singing "Baby Animals."  Trust me, the signed autographs from the band are going to be worth something someday.

--Marci Weisler

CBOF's next NYC appearance is at Girls' Rock! The Movie Party at Union Pool in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on March 22 at 6:30pm.

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