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Celebrity hand-me-downs

Being the baby in the family was usually a pretty sweet deal: My parents were done with their over-protective phases they bestowed upon my sisters, but they doted on my every whim because I was the last of the brood left toddling around the house. There was one drawback to being the youngest, however: hand-me-downs. You know the ones—stained with everything from ink to cranberry juice, faded from dozens of washings and probably emblazoned with some sort of dated logo or saying across the front like “Frankie Says Relax.” Celebrities are bringing new meaning to the stigma of previously used items with an ebay auction of their own children’s wares, benefitting Johnson & Johnson’s Global Charity Program, which supports a number of family-related projects. NYC celeb mom Julianne Moore put up her wooden Stokke high chair for bidding (hovering around $100), Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View offered a Cortina stroller/car seat combo ($225) and Law & Order: SVU’s Mariska Hartigay donated an Adidas track suit for sale ($170), among others. Though I do hold my itty-bitty Ghostbusters onesie of the '80s close to my nostalgic heart, I would have died to own something from the Hollywood peers of my generation. The babies who end up taking home these celebs' items are sure to be the best outfitted on the block—hand-me-down or not.

To check out all of the items up for bidding and to learn more about Johnson & Johnson’s charities, visit ebay.com/celebritymoms.

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