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Classes now forming for Subway Sleuths after-school program for kids on the autism spectrum.

Calling all conductors! Lots of kids love trains, but for those on the autism spectrum, the enthusiasm can be particularly intense. That's why the New York Transit Museum created Subway Sleuths. The after-school program for kids with autism focuses on the history of city trains and seeks to make kids more socially at ease. A top-notch educational team sets individual goals for each participant and tracks their progress. Though the program is geared toward kids working at a third- to fifth-grade level, inquiries from all ages are welcome—the museum is ready to expand sections if there is interest. Enrollment has started, and an observation session for kids who want to join is recommended. Parents can choose from two: Saturday, December 17, at 10am or Tuesday, January 10, at 4:15pm. E-mail Julie at subwaysleuths@gmail.com with your child's name, age and grade level to set up a time. Tue 4:15--6pm. Winter session begins Tue Feb 7. Ten sessions $25--$200, depending on need. 

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