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scholastic storybook treasuryAs I'm sure you can imagine, the offices here at Time Out Kids tend to look like a toy store came in for a visit and got sick to its stomach -- regurgitating the latest and greatest in kid-friendly entertainment.

Amongst the myriad Ugly dolls (thank you to whoever sent us THREE last week) and the Beanstalk dude named Wolley, is a collection from the fab people at Scholastic. They sent over the Scholastic Storybook Treasury, featuring 100 children's storybook classics on 16 DVDs. Let's see, there are Where the Wild Things Are, Corduroy, Curious George Rides a Bike and, well, you get the picture.

I had never really given this DVD set much thought, until a coworker made a passing comment about how kids should learn these tales from books (the old-fashioned way).

What do you think? Would you buy the DVD set for your kids? Would you be upset if someone gave it them as a gift? Take our poll and comment below.

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