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photo I am a self-proclaimed cheese-ball. I love anything sappy. I actually went to see Nights in Rodanthe in the theater (no joke) and proceeded to bawl my eyes out. So, it's not surprising that I absolutely adore the quotes that adorn the back of Starbucks' cups. When I do have time to pick up my Venti brew, I like to spend a few minutes thinking about the sentiment (see, cheesy, I told you). This morning, Tim Russert's wisdom peered back at me, and not surprisingly, it was about being a father.

"You can shower a child with presents or money, but what do they really mean, compared to the most valuable gift of all--your time? Vacations and special events are nice, but so often the best moments are the spontaneous ones. Being there. Every moment you spend with your child is one that really matters."

When Russert died this past June, his son, Luke, spoke about their closeness and the impact he had on his life. Though I don't have any children, this quote made me think of my parents and how grateful I am for the time they spent with me growing up--just the little things, like the mornings when my mom would make me a big breakfast just because I had an important test that day or times when my dad and I would sit around chewing Bazooka bubble gum and reading the comics. I hope Tim's words resonate with you today as much as they did with me.
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