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Columbus Avenue craft spot Make Meaning opens Sunday, September 26

make-meaning Artsy kids are in for a treat: A brand-new, 6,000-square-foot Make Meaning outpost (329 Columbus Ave between 75th and 76th Sts) is set to open its doors this Sunday at 10am. When guests walk into the tri-level space, they'll be greeted by ACEs (a.k.a. associate creativity enthusiasts) who will guide them through six different craft options: soap, candles, ceramics, jewelry, paper or glass. (Other Make Meaning locations feature only paint-your-own pottery). Projects, most of which hover around $25 apiece, are geared to kids and adults, with difficulty levels ranging from "kind of easy" to "really easy." Any time a project calls for an expert touch, the ACEs will come to the rescue! In addition to walk-in fun, Make Meaning will host classes and birthday parties (they've already had 150 booking requests—and the doors aren't even open!), and offer a snack counter stocked with Butterfly Bakeshop goodies. (At night, it turns into a wine bar catered to adults). If you drop by, let us know what you think.
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