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DILF alert: Taye Diggs

tayediggs Today I read the devastating news that Taye Diggs is about to become a daddy . OK fine, it's not devastating; actually it's really wonderful. He and his wife, fabulous Tony-winning diva Idina Menzel, are an insanely gorgeous and talented couple, and they've been together for 13 years, ever since meeting while performing in the original cast of Rent . That said, when a hot guy becomes a father, it does alter my fantasties somewhat. It's going to be hard to picture Diggs lying in bed in the middle of the night, shirt off, sweating, pouting, without thinking about the screaming baby who probably just woke him up. Ah, so that's not a sexy pout after all! In all seriousness, congrats to the soon-to-be mom and dad. I look forward to seeing paparazzi shots of Diggs cheerfully toting his progeny around the city. That's a turn on in a whole different way.
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