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Disney releases website for fans

mickeyfeature Are you a family that can't make it a full calendar year without heading to Florida to visit Goofy, Mickey and the rest of the Disney crew? Well now there's a new way to feed your anticipation between visits: the website D23 . Named in honor of the year Disney was founded (1923), D23 is definitely for the fans. There are a bunch of different sections, including News & Features, Walt Disney Archives--even recipes from the various resorts. Disney says this is its way of saying "thank you" to the company's fans. Sweet sentiment, right? Sure...except for the fact that you're going to have to fork over $74.99 per year for that gratitude. You'll get some bonuses for your buck, including screenings, a subscription to the quarterly Disney twenty-three magazine and an invite to a members-only four-day Disney Expo . Will you fork over the dough for a little extra Mickey in your brood's life?
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