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Do you support the Mayor's desire to ban smoking at all NYC parks and beaches?

Mayor Bloomberg, in his never-ending crusade to turn NYC smoke-free, is looking into banning smoking at all Big Apple beaches and parks. The health of kids figures prominently in his argument. Bloomberg's health commissioner, Thomas Farley, said "We don't think it's too far to say that people shouldn't be smoking in parks, and to try to protect our children from getting addicted to tobacco." Like Bloomberg, I'm a former tobacco head who now absolutely loathes the stuff. I'm always incensed when folks (sometimes even parents) light up in or right outside the playground where my daughter is playing (which is illegal by the way). Just the other day I tried Antonia Kidd's tactic of shaming a smoker into stomping out her butt. Didn't work. That said, I don't personally have a problem with people smoking in public areas that aren't specifically geared toward children. As much as I hate the smell (not to mention the potential risk), I strongly believe in personal rights, and I think Bloomberg's proposed ban is unfair, not to mention unenforceable. Smokers are people too! The Mayor faces a major battle, and I suspect it won't pass, although it might. Other states including Utah, Louisiana, Maine and California have enacted similar bans. Frankly, if we're going to ban something smoking related, how about those seriously disturbing anti-smoking commercials? (The one with the lady missing fingers just kills me!) They're just nasty (which, I guess, is the point). What do you think about the Mayor's plans? Do you support a park and beach-wide ban, or do you think smokers should get a pass?

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