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Eloise returns to The Plaza!

EloiseThe Plaza would certainly be considered an iconic part of New York City – it’s an obligatory tourist locale, the lodging of many celebrities, and most importantly the home to the beloved Eloise. As the star of dozens of books in the Eloise series, the trouble maker is known to live in the grandiose hotel with her dog Weenie, and until the closing of the Plaza for renovations, a portrait of her hung in the Palm Court restaurant foyer. In conjunction with the hotel’s reopening, the portrait was unveiled yesterday and restored to its prime location.

BookThis summer, filming begins on Eloise in Paris, an adaptation of a book in the series, and the movie’s star Jordana Beatty was there to welcome Eloise back to The Plaza. The 9-year-old Australian cutie stopped for a second to chat with Time Out Kids about the film, causing mischief, and being in New York for the first time. Click the link below to read our interview with the giggly Eloise!

portraitWhy did you want to play Eloise?
She’s such a fun character—She’s always making friends and doing fun things.

Are you at all like Eloise?
Well, sort of. I definitely don’t cause as much trouble as she does—just a little bit!

Is this your first time in New York?

How do you like it?
I think it’s very nice! Very busy. There are so many places to go, lots of sightseeing.

What has been your favorite thing to do so far?
We have done a lot of shopping! And we are hoping to do more before we go home. Oh and I loved Broadway, with all the lights.

Where’s your favorite place to shop here?
The American Girl Store! I have Mia. We got her in L.A. and then took her to have tea at the store here in New York.

What advice do you have for New York City kids?
Hmm...That’s a hard one. To just always be happy! There are so many things to do in New York, and kids are very lucky to live here.

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