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Family feud

We at Time Out New York Kids love our sister mag Time Out New York (obviously). The magazine and its staff members are our family. So, it stands to reason that TONY's readers are, by default, our extended family. But like all families, sometimes we squabble. This week, we've got a bone to pick to with one TONY reader. In the current issue, G. Dorse, of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, gripes:

"I hate babies. They're not cute. They're in my way. And their idiot parents just ran over my foot with a panzer tank--or was that just their stroller? I also despise parents who let their children cry and whine in restaurants and museums, and run loose in the already cramped quarters of shops, cafes and subway cars. Do your children a favor and teach them to respect other people and their space. You can start by taking that stroller off my foot."

Clearly G. does not have kids of his own--or a whole lot of patience. Gripe back at G. below. What irks you most about people like him?

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