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Free KFC! For a price...

kentucky-grilled-chicken Before you turn your nose up at feeding your tot fried chicken for supper, chew on this: Kentucky Fried Chicken revamped its traditionally super-fatty menu with a new, healthier option: grilled chicken. And from now through May 19 (excluding Mother's Day), you can snag a two-piece meal (which comes with your choice of two sides and a beyond-delicious biscuits!) for free . But you do have to pay for it, in a way. In order to print your coupon , you have to install a "coupon printer." Um, can't any printer be a coupon printer? Apparently not. We haven't downloaded the "coupon printer" yet for fear of spyware, but perhaps our hunger will get the better of us. The coupon must be printed out by midnight tonight in order to be valid. Update: Apparently grilled chicken is a hot commodity in NYC, because riots, sit-ins and general debauchery have broken out at the Midtown East location. Screaming matches are in full force, racial slurs are being tossed around, and one manager even fled the scene. Can you blame the poor soul? We love chicken, but c'mon; even free poultry isn't worth violence.
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