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Fresh Direct expands baby offerings

It's no secret that Fresh Direct is lifesaver when it comes to grocery shopping in the city.  Anything that keeps me out of the panic-inducing Whole Foods or grimy Met by my apartment is great in my book. Those with babies, however, weren't always quite so pleased with FD. After experiencing frustration over the delivery service's lack of certain kinds of baby food, variety of diaper sizes and more,  a group of young parents expressed their concerns to the company. After hearing them out, Fresh Direct is now offering a more complete selection of baby items (including baby food, formulas, diapers and wipes), focused on organics and bulk sizes. Among the featured brands? Earths Best, Gerber, Happy Baby, Pampers Cruisers and 7thGen diapers.

Oh, and on a side note: Has anyone tried FD's 4-minute meals? They're not brand new, but I'm a recent convert. They took the concept of TV dinners and turned them into healthy, freshly prepared meals that you pop in the microwave for three to four minutes and eat.  I'm a big fan of the black olive char-marked salmon with saffron rice ($10.99).

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