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Full White House: Barack Obama's mother-in-law moves in

If your mother-in-law said she was moving into your place, would you object? Michelle Obama begged her mom to come live at the White House and the President elect is reportedly okay with this. A word of counsel to the first family from someone who lived with her mother: Tread ever-so-lightly. I know your new digs are large, so that should alleviate the discomfort of being in each other's faces every time you turn a corner. But don't rely on that alone to establish independence. When my daughter arrived, my mother moved in for the first year. I went back to work and was completely reliant on her. But expecting my mother to abide by my rules was a joke. No sweets? My mother yes'd me over and over, and as soon as I was out of sight, she proceeded to do what she thought was right, which included stuffing tiny pieces of cake in my baby's mouth on a daily basis. Judging by what Michelle's mom, Marian Robinson, has said about her daughter's rules, looks like the White House will soon become Grandma's House. "The 8:30pm bedtime? That's ridiculous!" Robinson told The Boston Globe last year. "The TV-for-an-hour rule? That's just not enough time. I have candy, they stay up late. When they come to my house, they watch TV as long as they want to, we'll play games until the wee hours. I do everything that grandmothers do that they're not supposed to." Good luck enforcing house rules, Barack and Michelle. I bet you'll have more success in forging peace the Middle East.

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