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Fun Library Encourages Kids to Read

Do you ever feel like you’d do just about anything to get your kids to read? Turns out you’re not alone. Librarian Susan Scatena of The Queens Library recently proposed a reading challenge to local kids, which resulted in some gutsy consequences.

Her deal required 250 children to register for the Queens Library’s summer reading program and read over 2,000 books as a whole. If the children were able to accomplish this task, Scatena agreed to read a bedtime story to a group of bunnies in her pajamas on the front steps of the Queens Library.  The icing on the cake was that the quirky librarian would kiss the bunnies goodnight after the story.

The children went above and beyond their call of duty with 294 registrations and 3733 books ultimately read. Scatena kept her word and showed up on the front steps of the Queens Library in pink pajamas and slippers.

The display actually turned out to be less shocking than her previous negotiations meant to inspire kids to read. Her last challenge landed her in a tub of jello in front of the Queens Library.  While she bathed in the sugary treat, the kids who had met her challenge dyed her hair purple.

If the children weren’t thrilled by these antics, they were sure to be satisfied with milk and cookies, as well as a free box of Annie’s Homegrown mac and cheese, featuring bunny shaped pasta.

Something tells me that this event wasn’t the last of Scatena’s drastic attempts to encourage young readers to hit the books. Stay tuned- maybe next year she’ll skydive or kiss a more dangerous animal, like a snake.

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