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Gaze at cute critters at the Central Park Zoo

  • An alpaca in the Tisch Children's Zoo

  • Spot, a baby mini-Nubian goat in the Tisch Children's Zoo. He arrived early December.

  • Othello, who lives in the Tisch Children's Zoo, is reputed to be the only cow in Manhattan.

  • More newborn cuteness is available: A dwarf mongoose bore a litter of four last September. Find them in the Tropic Zone, mezzanine

  • Mini-Nubian goats in the Tisch Children's Zoo. Bags of feed can be bought for 50 from dispensing machines to feed the animals there.

  • Penguins in the Polar Circle. Last year, four king penguins (the second largest species) joined the 60-strong flock of gentoos and chinstraps. Swing by at 10:30am and 2:30pm for feeding time.

  • A poisonous frog in the Tropic Zone, mezzanine

  • A polar bear in the Polar Circle. You can gawk at the zoo's two polar bears, Gus and Ida, from three levels: underwater, at rock-level and from above.

  • A potbellied pig in the Tisch Children's Zoo.

  • A red panda in the Temperate Territory

  • California sea lions in the Central Garden. To keep the sea lions minds and bodies active, trainers engage in enrichment (including pulling sweet tricks) with the sea lions at 11:30am, 2 and 4pm daily.

  • A snake in the Tropic Zone, mezzanine

  • A snow leopard in the Allison Maher Stern Snow Leopard Exhibit

  • A snow monkey in the Temperate Territory. The nine snow monkeys live on a rocky island with hot springs to mimic their habitat in Japan.

  • A tamandua in the Tropic Zone. You'll spot tamanduas in the trees above you.

  • A cotton-top tamarin in the Tropic Zone

An alpaca in the Tisch Children's Zoo

Although your family may not think of the Central Park Zoo as a great winter destination, it certainly has its perks (fewer tourists, less odorous, you get the idea). Of course, the main attraction is, as always, the animals. Prepare to awwwww as you click through our slide show of cute critters below, including babies who've recently joined the menagerie. Scroll over the images for more information on the furry, feathered or scaly fauna.

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