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Get Wii Fit today in Central Park!

Nintendo's entertainment system, Wii, has become as big of a phenomenon as slap bracelets and pogs were in my own youth. While Nintendo entertained me for countless hours in the 80's with Mario mazes and Duckhunt shootouts, today's kid’s afternoons are spent playing virtual tennis under a customized character of their own design. Dozens of games have been released that are compatible with Wii (often even specialized for the system), and today the mega-company introduces Wii Fit. The new program incorporates a "Balance Board" on which you can try more than 40 different physical activities (think yoga, aerobic exercises and strength building) that twist and turn bodies in innovative ways. The game is designed to combine staying fit with gaming--a great goal for a generation that is spending so much time in front of a television set.

Today in Central Park, families can come test out the Board with live demonstrations, and even get some fitness advice or a personal Wii Fit training session from celeb trainer Ashley Borden. Even cooler: for every person that tries out the Board, Nintendo will donate $5 to the American Heart Association in support of it's efforts to help Americans live healthier. If this game is as addicting as any of their others (or as helping Luigi rescue Princess Peach was back in my day), it's going to be a Wii Fit summer, that's for sure.

Wii Fit Day: Today, 8am-5pm. All ages. FREE.

Central Park Merchant's Gate, located at the intersection of Central Park West, Central Park South, Columbus Circle and Broadway.

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