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 So, we've got another Fringe show recommendation for you and the kiddos. We know that puppets aren’t usually a mark of elegance in theater, but that's just what they are in puppeteer Jennifer Levine's "Miracle on Monroe Street," set in New York’s Lower East Side in 1909. The show's story of a mischievous girl named Sally who steals a cake from the local bakery is based on a tale told to Levine by her grandmother Pearl (Sally’s older sister), who narrates the action in a recorded voice-over. Levine maneuvers through this 30-minute presentation with grace; her fluid body movement and dramatic facial expressions are as integral to the performance as the life she breathes into her wooden puppets. Historically and culturally appropriate music adds to show's unique and authentic feel, as does the quaint, crafty set: brightly-colored felts, plastic buttons and simple props such as chalk. The production seems as lovingly hand-crafted as Levine's detailed puppets, transforming a simple story into a sophisticated evening that both children and adults can enjoy.

You've got one more chance to enjoy "Miracle on Monroe Street;" Levine's last performance for the FringeNYC Festival is on Saturday, August 25th at 8:30pm at The Studio @ Cherry Lane Theatre. Tickets are $15. Ages 10 and up. Now go watch some of that puppet magic!

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