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Last night, amid many empty seats, I laughed my head off watching the fantastic Fringe Jr. show, Myles the Hypoallergenic Superhero and His Superhero Friends. If there were justice in the world, the cozy studio at the Cherry Lane Theatre would have been packed. The storyline is both topical and gleefully silly: a floppy-haired puppet reveals his life-long battle with allergies through a series of flashback vignettes. Of course, there’s much more to the show than simple storytelling, due in large part to the comedic talents of actor Dave Horak. Through some very fast costume changes, Horak manages to play nearly every character in the show (aside from the nasal, loveable Myles). His romps across the stage as the coy, pink-haired love interest, Emer, a discoing cat and a devilish peanut are not to be missed; nor is his kid-pleasing turn as pollen, with a bubble shooter in hand.

There are two performances left (Friday at 7:45pm, and Saturday at 6:45pm). Tickets are $10. Go, go, go!


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