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Goodbye, Teresa's

Incredible. I just finished writing something in a piece about my lingering sadness over the untimely demise of the Second Avenue Deli when I see a brief mention on Eater about the closing of the Polish institution, Teresa's. Besides having fondness for their savory, if tummy-busting pierogies (served with a kiddie pool-size tub of sour cream on the side), and somewhat bruque table service, no other place in our fair city reminded me so much of my hometown, Cleveland. That's a place where locals debate over the authenticity of pierogies, and where for many years a mini-chain named Parma Pierogies was solely dedicated to those fattening little envelopes. Sure Teresa's was bereft of atmosphere, and was likely to make your kids (or at least mine) point to the Mickey D's visible from the storefront and yell, "Why can't we go there?" And sure, it was hard to explain why a meal of cheese blintzes was a better nutritional choice than Chicken McNuggets. And OK, there's still a location in Brooklyn Heights if you really, truly need a Polish fix. But still, it's sad.

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