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High School Musical talent contest to premiere on ABC

If you're already dreading sitting in a theater packed with tweens watching High School Musical III: Senior Year this fall, then I've got some bad news for you. On July 20th, ABC will premiere quite possibly the most obscure TV-talent contest to date (yes, it's even more specific than 2007's major flop, Grease! You're the One that I Want! on NBC). Newly titled High School Musical: Get in the Picture, the show features teens and young twenty-somethings vying for...get ready for it...the chance to appear in a music video that will be shown in the credits of the new High School Musical movie.

Is it me, or is that prize incredibly lame? The winner doesn't even get to be a character! As far as I can tell, the show is a summer-long ad for the feature film, replete with catchy songs that will stick in your kids' heads no matter how hard you try to get them hooked on something else. What do you think? Is Disney riding its movie-musical's popularity too far?

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