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How NYC families can help the victims of Hurricane Sandy

Kids volunteering with Project FIND at Marble Collegiate Church

Kids volunteering with Project FIND at Marble Collegiate Church Photograph: Courtesy Project FIND/Elke Rosthal

As the tristate area remains crippled by Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts go out today to the families who have been affected by flooding, fires, power outages and other damages caused by the superstorm. Families who managed to weather the storm may now be wondering what they can do to help those New Yorkers who have suffered most. Though children aren't allowed to volunteer directly in the emergency shelters, that doesn't mean they can't contribute in their own way. Help your brood make hot meals for elderly neighbors, local shelters or emergency workers, or hold a bake sale to raise funds for a charitable organization. And although the Red Cross is not currently accepting donations of clothing or food, you can check with your local shelter to see if they need children's clothes or other items. Parents can also encourage little ones to use their allowances to donate to Save the Children, which will assist families and youth affected by the storm; to the Humane Society, dedicated to saving animals caught in the natural disaster; and, of course, to the Red Cross.    

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