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Introducing Bebe Gloton. Nipple daisies included. No, really.

We're always searching for new dolls for our kids, so you'd think we'd be happy about the latest addition to the toy shelves. Guess again. May we introduce Bebe Gloton. Hailing from Spain, the name translated literally means "Baby Glutton," but don't worry, this isn't a rant about obesity, eating disorders or body image. This is a rant about nipple daisies. You're probably puzzled now...so are we. We're puzzled why anyone would conceive of this doll, which comes with a smock adorned with bright pink daisies that your daughter can put on and then "breastfeed" the "baby." Yes, daughters like to emulate their mommies in many ways, but do prepubescent girls really have the urge to play breastfeeding? If a little girl wants to pretend to be mom, she can use her imagination. What's next? A toy that simulates pregnancy so she can get in on that fun too? Watch the demo below and then weigh in: Would you let your little princess play "breastfeeding baby," or dump those detachable daisies, stat?

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