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Kid drives Escalade

This weekend, I headed out with some friends in the East Village. On our way to a bar (around 10pm), we're walking down St. Marks S (between First and Second Aves) when I hear bump of a car bass. I look around to find a black Esclade coming toward me on the sidewalk--driven by a kid that couldn't have been more than six. I assume his parents were ten paces or so behind him, and no, the SUV wasn't actually life-size (it was more the extra-large Power Wheels variety), but everything about the boy driver was completely authentic. He was standing up the seat, jammin' to his blaring tunes, wearing a white shirt with collar popped on one side, acting like he owned the sidewalk.

cadillac crusing

Living in the EV, there's not too much that makes me do a double take anymore, but this was something new entirely. I cursed myself for not snapping a photo as I stood there, staring--gawking really at the coolest kid on the block.

Have you seen this Cadillac kid? Would you let your kid cruise St. Marks in his or her Power Wheels at 10pm on a Saturday? Talk back below!


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