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Kids defend Heidi Klum's privacy at West Village park

It's tough being a parent in NYC, and tougher still for celebrity moms and dads, who can't even take their kids to the park without the paparazzi hounding them. Just ask Heidi Klum: Last Friday, she thought she'd let her kids have a bit of fun in a West Village playground, but soon found herself hounded by photographers who relentlessly documented the outing from just outside the park. Aggravated at the disruption--not to mention the invasion of privacy--the other parents in the park asked the lensmen to leave. When the photogs persisted, the parents went straight to the local cops who explained that as long as they remained outside the playground, the shutterbugs were within their rights. After a couple of hours, some parents were so miffed they turned vigilante, encouraging their kids to lob water balloons at the paps. "It wasn't right," says one parent who was there, "and I told my kid that's not how we deal with things. But, honestly, I'm kind of glad it happened." Klum and her clan left shortly after the water bombs started flying, as did the photographers, including one who was hit dead on.

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