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Let it snow (in Central Park)!

snow in central parkI've really about had it with this crazy winter weather. If it's going to be cold, I'd like to see some snow! My parents, who live in Wisconsin, have 18 inches of snow and like to remind me of this fact every time I call home. My 14-year-old sister has had like five snow days or something ridiculous. But, clearly, the midwest is unwilling to share the precipitation love.

Whether this changes tomorrow (the weatherman says it won't), your kids can still get their sledding, skiing and random snow fun on at Central Park's Winter Jam from noon to 4pm.

Make sure to check out the first-ever snow plume, an 80-foot long slope that little snowboarders won't be able to resist. Bring your own snow-sport equipment or rent some free from the Parks Department.

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