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isabella My sister, Lindsay Esposito, teaches third grade at P.S. 36 in Staten Island and invited me in last week to talk to her class about how we review books, CDs, movies, restaurants and toys here at Time Out Kids (the students are learning to write their own reviews). After talking to them about my job as an editor (they were shocked to hear that my work also has to go to a "teacher"—aka my boss!) and what makes a good review, they broke up into groups to read and review some books I had brought with me. I was very impressed with what they had to say. Below is a sampling of their work! "I liked City I Love because I could make a connection with the title because I love the city too. The poem "City Summer" was really funny. The pictures were really good on that page. I liked how the author matched the pictures with the poem. The poem about the taxi was confusing. I didn't really understand it. You can read the book with a parent so you can learn about the city." —Isabella D. michael "When I was reading the book A Walk in New York, I learned so many facts. The book said there was a lot of traffic. I agree with the book because when I went to New York, there was so much traffic! The taxis won't stop! The Empire State Building was included. The facts were so cool. The Empire State Building has 103 floors! It was a short book and a little kid who reads it will see what New York is like. " —Michael L. brianna "I recommend the book Lazy Little Loafers for kids ages 6 to 10. I thought the main character had a lot to say which made her seem real. She really described babies a lot in this book. Most of the parts in this book were funny. I feel like this book is asking a lot of questions and giving kids a chance to answer them. I felt like this book is not hard for kids to understand. I think this is a great book." —Brianna S. Be sure to check out Time Out Kids ' reviews of City I Love , A Walk in New York and Lazy Little Loafers, too!
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