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Do carrots taste better when nestled in the precious Golden Arches wrapping? The New York Times reports on a new and small study of 63 tykes ages 3 to 5 years that shows what we’ve all known for years—advertising brainwashes people, especially youngsters. In this case, the brainwashing tricks kiddos into thinking that McDonald’s actually has good food. The relatively simple study involved feeding children snacks from the gargantuan burger chain, such as fries, milk, chicken nuggets and burgers in wrappers with the McDonald’s name or logo and then feeding the children identical foods in plain white wrappers. Children preferred the McDonald’s versions with every one of the items, whether it was coated in grease or not; 54 percent of kids said that the carrots in the McDonald’s wrapper were better than the carrots in the plain wrapper. Scary, isn’t it?

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