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Miley Debuts New Single

Miley SingingThough you may be Miley-ed out after the controversy of her Vanity Fair photoshoot, here’s some Cyrus news you can use: The Hannah Montana star just debuted her latest single “7 Things” on the syndicated radio show Elvis Duran and the Morning Zoo, from her upcoming album due out July 22. Though I am a pretty avid pop enthusiast (I’m a die-hard Britney fanatic) and therefore susceptible to loving her new song, I think this is one you will find yourself rocking out to along with your kids despite any skepticism you may have. The teenybopper laments over the things she hates about her ex-boyfriend, and while the younger set may not be able to fully commiserate with her sentiments, they will enjoy the upbeat tempo that is certainly dance- and sing-along-worthy. The single reminds me a lot of Avril Lavigne’s first album, Letting Go, with a bit of Ashley Tisdale’s sassy-sweetness thrown into the mix (if you haven’t checked out her single “He Said She Said”, please do—you’ll soon find yourself secretly groovin' to it even without your little ones). The tune ends with Miley recounting the things (seven of them, no less) that she did appreciate about her lost love, making this a bittersweet ditty that highlights the vulnerable Miley we love.

Click to listen to Miley's new single, "7 Things."

Be sure to check out the just-released New Kids on the Block single, “Summertime” as well, a warm weather playlist staple. Both artists (along with the ever popular Jonas Brothers) are playing at this weekend’s Zootopia concert hosted by NYC radio station Z100. Get ticket info here!

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