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muggles united

Recently, I was at a friend's house for dinner when her eight-year-old son mentioned that he had a book revealing how the Harry Potter series would end. He ran upstairs to his room to grab it, returned to the table, and began reading aloud, excitedly sharing its theories. This provoked an animated conversation that drew in his two sisters, his parents, and the other guests. I was struck by how great it was that a bunch of people, ranging in age by decades, could sit around talking about the same book. Regardless of what harsh critics such as A.S. Byatt have said about J.K. Rowling's series, one of the most pleasing results of its publication has been this kind of scenario: kids and adults united by a book they love, having discussions they wouldn't otherwise have. Quality time. Exchanging ideas. What other novel has had such an effect? (Especially at a time when the value of books in our culture seems to diminish by the minute.) So whatever you think of Harry Potter--great literature or derivative entertainment--this is good!
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