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New book educates kids about stroke

null Noticing a family member's altered demeanor after a stroke is bound to be puzzling, even traumatic, for a kid. In an effort to help younger citizens notice the visual warning signs of stroke and deal with its aftermath, MidMichigan Medical Center has released a book titled 'Grandpa's Crooked Smile.' The picture book was written by Barbara Reeves and illustrated by cartoonist Peter Sinclair. It includes a fictional story of a young boy whose grandfather survives a stroke, as well as exercises and games to identify vital symptoms. So far the book is not for sale. Our Midland reports that it will only be made available to Midland libraries and distributed among local kids free of charge. Consequently we haven't yet seen the book, but hope that the global, nondiscriminatory reach of stroke itself will soon prompt its distributors to expand their scope. Online sales would be a good starting point.
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