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New York Comic Con -- Saturday Recap


Apologies that this post is so late. Comic Con's are exhausting under any circumstances, but with a preschooler in tow, well...I probably don't have to explain that to most of you readers. My daughter dress as Ariel; I was my usual geeky-Goth self, although I was asked repeated who I was dressed as. Highlights of the day included: - Finding a toy light saber for just $3. It amused my daughter for hours. - Meeting G4 host Blair Butler, the coolest lady on the geek circuit - Discovering children's author Patrick McDonnell. It's my own ignorance that I didn't know his work before. - Taking tons of pictures. See below. Sunday is Kids Day, and there are a ton of fantastic events for kids of all ages. You can find the complete schedule here. Scroll to the bottom for Sunday's schedule.

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