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No Tossing of Peanut Bags Here

null For parents of peanut-allergic children, the all-American family activity of a baseball game can seem like a death zone. The presence of these potentially fatal treats is pervasive, from hollering peanut salesmen and mounds of crushed shells on the isles all the way to the words of the classic jingle. Families with severely allergic kids, no matter how avid they are in their baseball fanhood, are likely to opt out of watching their favorite team play live. Fans of the Twins and the Padres may have lucked out, however. For one game a month in Minnesota and, more recently, one game a year in San Diego , a special seating section will be designated as a peanut-free zone. The seating area is indicated by special signage and is monitored by EMT personnel. The experiment at Padres games was initiated by the local Alliance for Nut-Allergic Children. Would the Mets or the Yankees consider something similar to accommodate allergic fans?
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