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Oral fixation

As Books editor, I get a ton of titles in the mail every day. I can't possibly cover them all in the magazine, and that's OK—I have pretty strong ideas about what I like and what I don't. Fairly often, though, I get attached to a book that a publisher sends over—I can't necessarily do anything with it, but I'm loathe to let go.

Take Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Fun. Originally published in 1943 as Health Can Be Fun, Teeth sprang from the genius mind of Munro Leaf (of The Story of Ferdinand fame). Universe Publishing, a division of Rizzoli, specializes in resurrecting old gems like this one. Check out page 53, with its mopey faces and cautionary text that warns kids against hypochondria (seriously!). And that sunny orange cover is so relentlessly cheery, it just makes me want to spend quality time with my Arm & Hammer Enamel Care.


Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Fun


$10 at amazon.com, recommended for anyone old enough not to be tempted to chew on it!

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