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56679473 A mini news roundup for your Friday! Rapper M.I.A. gave birth to a little boy in early February, but she didn't release his name until now. Latina reports that his name's Ickitt. Oh that will be a fun name in grammar school. Still, we have a hunch it might have some obscure meaning...and it might make a kick-ass rapper name, should he follow in mama's footsteps. Over on the Times' boozy blog, Proof, mom Anna Fricke weighs in on drinking pre- and post-having a kid--and the maturity that comes with it. Have your imbibing habits changed since you became a parent? Do you drink with your kids around or pass on the sauce nowadays? Word is that Obama is planning to lift the ban on funding for embryonic stem cell research this coming Monday. This is a hugely controversial topic and undoubtedly will have some major repercussions. Is it too soon for Mr. President to make such giant legislative moves or are we ready for, um, change?
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